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Knit Inspiration: Loop Scarf by asuhan Get it in different colors and you wouldn’t have to worry about how to make a boring outfit pop!


Knit Inspiration: Loop Scarf by asuhan Get it in different colors and you wouldn’t have to worry about how to make a boring outfit pop!






3x15 Glee Cast - Fighter (ACAPELLA)

Sung by: Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)

Acapella made by: EvilQueenofMyHeart (please don’t remove credit)

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i was taking sketch prompts on twitter and joanna ryderlynn asked for glasses!adam, and bron adam-crawford for knitting club adam (◡‿◡✿)


i was taking sketch prompts on twitter and joanna ryderlynn asked for glasses!adam, and bron adam-crawford for knitting club adam (◡‿◡✿)

"… your character came from somewhere… something changes… they respond to that change… something else changes… they attack their problem or goal… something else changes yet again… and then things resolve."

— Larry Brooks’ summary of basic story architecture. (via misqueue)

Writing to be published 


I’m working on a book that I intend to publish and I love the characters and story concept and everything, but whenever I touch finger to keyboard to start writing a new scene, I get absolutely petrified that it won’t be any good. Instead of writing, I always wind up editing the crap out of what I’ve already written and stressing over plotholes and the like. And whenever I do write, I can never do it without the inner critic picking out ever single mistake and fixing them as I go. Any advice?

That’s the problem with writing for the intention of publication – you’re writing for way too many people. I know this feeling, and I know it’s scary, because when you write for everyone, you’re trying to please everyone. When you write to please everyone, you’re subconsciously, constantly asking your inner critic every step of the way, “Are people going to want to read this?”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be published – until it keeps us from writing or writing the story we want to tell. Some writers are very capable of writing to a large audience, but writers like you and me, and even well-established authors, simply can’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Write for yourself first and foremost. Write because you can’t not write. Write because, if your fingers don’t get this story out of your head, you’re going to scientifically prove that internal combustion is extremely possible.

Write the story that you have to tell, regardless of what everyone thinks about it, and let yourself be proud of it. Let yourself think, “Wow, I did this, what else am I capable of? What will I do next time?”

I just recently had a moment like this. My brain was wired to write every sentence and ask myself, “Does sound good? Does this make sense? Will people roll their eyes because I’m pretending that I can write well?” But then I came to a point where I became so immersed with the story that I completely forgot about an audience at all, and it was only just a couple days ago that I came back to what I’d written and was totally floored like, “Holy shit, I wrote this.”

If you need to write for an audience like I do, then do as Stephen King says and write to an audience of one. Your number one fan. This might not be so easy, so if that’s not yet something you can consider, find a small group of supportive writerly friends like yourself that can make good on promises to read and provide positive feedback.

Write your story and look back at it as infrequently as you can until you’re finally finished. You might have to do as I do and stow the finished manuscript away in a dark place for a while, write another something or somethings, before you come back to revise and figure out how to fix any plot holes. Then, you’ll be able to look at it more objectively and you’ll have a better chance to tell yourself, “Wow, I did this.”

Don’t let the inner critic win – it’s usually wrong, anyway.

Good luck!


it’s a little late but here’s my contribution to kadam au Saturdays :)

Kurt, Rachel, and Santana go out for Rachel’s birthday to a club where Adam is bartending

The music is pounding through Kurt’s veins so loud it makes his head spin; too-bright lights flashing across his vision from overhead as the mass of bodies moves together to the thudding beat. 

He grumbles and sips slowly at his drink, grimacing at the bitterness of the beer across his tongue as he swallows it down and pulls a face. Rachel is long since gone, dancing alternatively with Santana and a young man Kurt vaguely recognizes as someone she knows from her dance class at NYADA. 

It’s not that he minds going out with his roommates, they always have fun together when it’s just the three of them going out to dinner or a show—when they can manage to convince Santana to come along—but it’s Rachel’s twenty-first birthday and Santana had insisted on going out to celebrate. Apparently ‘celebrate’, in Santana’s mind, meant getting Rachel—and herself— as drunk as possible as quickly as possible. 

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First time Kurt sleeps over Blaine’s house for sweet pea anon ♥
PG-13 for make outs and boners. 2000+ words. 

(klaine firsts prompt meme)

Blaine leaves the room so Kurt can change into his pajamas and Kurt takes a few seconds to sit at the edge of Blaine’s bed, trying to convince his stomach to stop twisting with giddy nervousness every time Blaine smiles at him.

It’s just sleeping together, Kurt thinks, and then he groans as he feels his face flood with heat. They’re nowhere near ready for that, but even just falling asleep together in the same bed feels like a big step.

He eventually makes himself stand and strip in Blaine’s dimly lit room, changing into his blue silk pajamas. He leaves the top two buttons undone - it’s been hot for late May and Blaine’s already well-acquainted with Kurt’s neck and collarbone, so there’s no reason not to. Kurt flushes even redder at those thoughts, quickly folding up his clothes before Blaine gets back.

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Far Too Late 


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A/N: This was commissioned by tininfl2012 before I had the stipulation that I wouldn’t be accepting commissions within that verse, and, luckily, the prompt she requested fit in exactly with the direction I was headed.

Kurt feels as if he’s only a few study sessions short of losing it.

It’s midterm season, and the workload in all of his classes has gotten simultaneously heavier as he’s “prepared” for essay exams and practical demonstrations and only one scantron exam (because his professors hate him). Every time he walks into his dorm room, he gives the stack of blue books on his desk a good glare, and then goes to review his textile flashcards.

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“Finally I can do my Nicholas Cage impression!”